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What “Win Forever” means is to aspire to be the best you can be. Coach Carroll refers to it as, “maximizing your potential.” But Winning Forever is not about the final score; it’s about competing and striving to be the best. If you are in this pursuit, then you’re already winning.

“The process of self-discovery that was necessary to formulate my vision, and the power of having a philosophy has given me a confidence I didn’t have before. One of the keys to success lies in knowing and believing in yourself. When you are confident and you trust in who you are, you can perform to the best of your ability, and that is exactly what I plan to do. Whether you are coaching the USC Trojans or the Seattle Seahawks, working at your job or running a household, all you should ever strive for is to be the best you can be . . . and that is the essence of what it means to Win Forever.“ –Pete Carroll

Some of the big ideas in coach Carroll’s book are:

  • Always compete.
  • Do things better than they’ve ever been done.
  • Are you practicing full throttle, or saving it up for later?
  • If you’re not giving the world your best, what world are you saving it for?
  • What is my winning philosophy?

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  1. Brad what great articles and videos !!Thanks for sharing this!! If you reflect on Edelmens video how the patriots have created a multi year football dynasty There seems to be intense comraderie among Tom Brady, coach Belkichek, and Gronkowski to name a few. Years of teamwork and close relationships!! This parallels team one as we evolve into greatness

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