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What is The Athletic Continuum®?
Think of the athletic continuum as a connection of skills that make up someone’s ‘Athletic Ability.’
While it’s true that some people are born with a disposition to excel in sports, the athletic continuum is something that can be learned by ANY athlete. It is progression of movements and skills that can be mastered through repetition. See the video book.

Consider how you learned math. You didn’t start with an algebra problem like; 5(y – 3) = 2(10 – y), but rather you started with simple addition problems like; 3 + 4 = 7.  With this in mind, think of learning the athletic continuum® just as you would learn math. I wouldn’t expect a new athlete to demonstrate a lot of POWER on their first day of training. Rather, there is a sequence and a science to developing athletic ability.

There is a sequence and a science to developing athletic ability.

You may currently be an outstanding athlete, but it doesn’t mean you no longer need to work on your coordination and technique. In fact, the world’s best athletes, the real professionals, continue to master their craft daily with exercises in the first of step of the continuum. In other words, while there is an ‘order’ to progress through the continuum, there is also a connection between all 5 levels.

Athleticism is like a cake recipe. If you leave out an ingredient, it doesn’t taste how it should. The same is true for athletes. You may have natural speed, but if you lack the proper bio-mechanics and coordination you won’t reach anything close to your potential.

The dictionary defines the word continuum as “a continuous series where no part of which is perceptibly different from the adjacent parts.”  This definition perfectly describes the connection of each part. In other words, if you don’t have great technique, you won’t have great stamina. Likewise, think of a typical NHL Hockey player who drives down the ice at a blistering pace, flips to a backwards position, and stops on a dime, all while controlling a stick, puck and two defenders in his face. What appears so simple and effortless takes massive amounts of power, speed, coordination, etc.

Regardless of sport or position, the teaching videos and chapters that make up this multi-media book will always refer to one or more steps of the athletic continuum. I will list each of the five steps below followed by similar words of meaning.

If you want to excel in any sport the athletic continuum will become your guidepost and mentor from this point forward. The better you understand it, the more you will want to use it. And the more you use it, the better athlete you will become. 

The ‘Athletic Continuum’ video BOOK is coming August 31st 2015! It will be the “Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Great Athlete.”  This book is the first resource ever to actually teach anyone from scratch how to learn athletic ability. It contains dozens of videos, illustrations, drills and skills to developing dominant athletic ability! The multi-media book is built around the six skills below. 


1. Coordination:  balance, disposition, harmony, symmetry, familiarization.

2. Technique:  skill, execution, capability, style, know-how, proficiency, craft.

3. Power:  capability, force, energy, competency, aptitude, effectiveness, vigor.

4. Speed:  agility, quickness, briskness, acceleration, velocity, momentum, pace.

5. Stamina:  endurance, energy, staying power, resistance, fortitude, resilience.

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The Athletic Continuum® was originally conceived by world class athlete, José Luíz Barbosa. He graduated from the University of Oregon and was a four-time Olympian. As a 800m runner, Barbosa won the silver medal at the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo, and also won the 800m race at the prestigious Letzigrund meeting in Zurich. After competing professionally, his entire adult life has been dedicated to training world-class athletes and aspiring young athletes at the high school level. He is a very tough, but fun loving coach who cares deeply about every athlete he works with.

Check out the video summary below with Brian Johnson as he summarizes, “Talent is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin. The research in this book totally supports the principle of the Athletic Continuum®. Stay tuned, lots more to come regarding the athletic continuum!

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