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Struggling With Flexibility? Consider This…

Since the moment I was a young kid playing childhood sports I was told you need to stretch for flexibility. Stretching it’s how you become flexibility they said. Well, new emerging studies are saying there is more to flexibility than just plain ole’ stretching. Most of us athletes know, flexibility is essential for…. Improving your […]

What Is Collagen + Why It Is So Important For Athletes

 Collagen, specifically type 1 collagen, is the amplest protein in our entire body. It’s not only needed for muscle building and repair but it’s also used for building and maintaining healthy elastic skin, joints, ligaments, and bones. Fortunately, our body can create it by using two amino acids: glycine and proline in combination with vitamin […]

off-season Physically

What Are You Doing This Off-Season?

Regardless of your sport, It’s easy to argue that off-season training is the most important phase of any sports skills and conditioning plan. Not only will it help the athlete to recover physically and psychologically during the season, but it will also be hugely important to the neurological and physical development of any player. 1. Neurologically, off-season […]

5 Nutrition Tips For Competition Day

Competition day nutrition is something every athlete tries their best to be mindful of in order that they may prepare and perform well. Unfortunately, I see a lot of poor advice that certainly may work but does not mean it is the most optimal. Some people create an extremely strict dogmatic mentality and are so […]


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