A Mental Tune-Up

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Just like a car that needs the occasional engine tune-up so it runs efficiently and smoothly, an athlete needs a mental tune-up to play with greater concentration, composure and confidence. To only focus on one’s physical conditioning is like driving a car where you are only concerned about the bodywork and paint job. If you don’t take care of and maintain the engine, the car will eventually break down and stop running. Likewise, as an athlete, if you don’t invest the time and energy into developing your mental skills, eventually your game on the field or court will break down, and you won’t be playing up to your potential.

The Mental Tune-Up is a journal or process where you read and reflect upon a series of quotes and questions over a 28 day period. These quotes and questions address some of the most important elements of your mental preparation. They help you develop and strengthen those mental skills that will have a significant impact upon your overall performance in a practice or the game.

Here is one of the daily entries in The Mental Tune-Up:

Day 5

“…you see in any situation what you expect to see.” Daniel J. Schwartz – The Magic Of Thinking Big

“The more you expect from a situation, the more you will give…Any time we expect something good, we will be successful. It changes our attitude, it changes our whole mindset, posture, breathing – everything.” Ken Baum – Mind Over Business

“Self-esteem creates a set of implicit expectations about what is possible and appropriate to us. These expectations tend to generate the actions that turn them into realities. And the realities confirm and strengthen the original beliefs. Self-esteem – high or low – tends to be a generator of self-fulfilling prophecies.” Nathaniel Branden – The Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem

“Expectations ultimately set our physical limits.”–Chris Berdik – Mind Over Matter

Essential Questions For Exceptional Athletes:

“What do I expect from myself today?”

“How do I expect to practice and train this week?”

“How do I expect to take care of myself, physical and mentally, to become a better player?”

–Anthony Lanzillo

Mental Skills Coach

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