“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your new identity.”


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4 Reasons Why Athletes Should Not Fear Salt.

Salt has been demonized throughout over the past few decades alongside many myths in attempts to attract people towards buying products. As someone who has studied most of the current scientific literature in nutrition, I’ve found the answer: “it depends” to be what I resort to answering often. Is X (food) healthy? Well, it depends. […]

6 Natural Athletic Performance Enhancers

Micronutrients and amino acids are fundamental pieces of boosting athletic performance, recovery, and preventing injury. Athletes should not just focus on carbohydrates and calories for recovery for recovery and performance but also bioavailable amino acids and compounds found throughout an array of animal foods. Let’s break down just 6 different unique natural compounds that have […]

Ice Baths For Recovery? Think Again…

Ice baths have been touted as a key discipline for recovery after hard training by coaches and athletes across a multitude of athletic spaces. Whether it is a form of recovery, form of training, dietary practice, or coaching philosophy, it is incredibly important to examine the actual data in order to make ensure the practice […]