5 Qualities of a Great Coach

Posted By on March 11, 2015


While there are many qualities that make a great coach, the video below outlines a few that we feel are important.  If you HAVE these qualities OR would love to develop them, then you have the makings of a GREAT Coach! If you feel like you are lacking in a few of these areas, find assistant coaches and or parents that can fill in on some of your weaker areas. Remember, the coaching staff is a ‘team with the team.’

In addition to five qualities outlined in the video below, here are some additional qualities that our followers have written in and given us. They are excellent!

  • Great coaches continue to love the game
  • Great coaches are great ‘life teachers’ as well as sport teachers
  • Great coaches coach the person first, and the athlete second
  • Great coaches don’t let their egos influence their decision making
  • Great coaches continually challenge their players (and themselves) to get better


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