off-season Physically

Regardless of your sport, It’s easy to argue that off-season training is the most important phase of any sports skills and conditioning plan. Not only will it help the athlete to recover physically and psychologically during the season, but it will also be hugely important to the neurological and physical development of any player.

1. Neurologically, off-season training is where you can consistently repeat your basic technique movements (based on your position: backpedal, throwing, catching, etc.) thus developing the groves in your brain that make a skill ‘second nature’. This is where you can master your craft and become an expert at the fundamentals. This period of time can be the ultimate edge you gain on your competition.

2. Physically, think of your body as a machine, a highly sophisticated machine. This machine requires specific preparation in order to perform at its optimal level. Strength & Speed training is an extremely important element in keeping your machine’s components healthy and strong.

The components of your machine include your bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joints—all of which need to work together to create a well-oiled machine. Without strength and speed training, you will be less efficient and more prone to injury. Prepare your body to manage pain and to give yourself the best possible chance for a healthy and fun football season this fall.

Watch this outstanding video about the importance of off-season training by coach Van Tassel.

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