Core strength is essential to the success of ALL athletes. It is a commonly overlooked part of training that may be the most important part of your program. Your core consists of the largest group of muscles within your body. If the muscles within your core become weak other muscle groups will soon follow.  Let me offer you 3 BIG reasons why core strength is important.

1. Helps to Prevent Injury.

Have you ever shattered the screen to your iPhone or Android device? Each time it has happened to me I always think, “This wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t in such a hurry!” or “If only I invested in a better protective case.” Building strong core muscles is like putting your smartphone into the best protective case available. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that your core strength will help to improve your back health, balance, and overall functional fitness.

It is important to first achieve core stability to protect the spine and surrounding muscles from injury in dynamic movements. Second, we want to effectively and efficiently transfer and produce force during dynamic movements while maintaining core stability. This can include running, performing Olympic lifts, or picking up the gallon of milk far back in the fridge while keeping your back safe. Research has unquestionably shown that athletes with higher core stability have a lower risk of injury.

2. Augments & Enhances All Sports Movements.

Your core strength probably has more influence on your athletic performance than any other muscle group. If you’re a quarterback who wants to throw a football faster, further, and more accurately, then builds your core strength. If you’re a track hurdler who wants to perfect your hurdling form and improve your sprinting speed, then build your core strength! Throwing, running, jumping, swimming, bursting, accelerating, swinging, or back-pedaling… core strength affects everything! 

3. Prevents or Reduces Back Pain.

Your spinal cord is where the central nervous system works with your body to fire all your muscle movements. Your central nervous system plays a vital role when it comes to athletic ability. Therefore, strengthening your core and building your intrinsic muscles around your spine creates both protection and stability for your low back. From a strong center, you won’t over-flex or over-extend your back, which could leave your discs vulnerable. However, if you have pressure on it because it isn’t well supported by your core muscles, then it is going to affect your athletic ability. It will eventually cause pain, and that will not only affect the quality of your performance but the quality of your life as well

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