Coordination Exercises: There are no shortcuts!

It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes constant practice and dedication.  The biggest mistake athletes make is a lack of patience. They are naive to think that athletic ability will come naturally or quickly. 

Body coordination is a fitness component that describes the smooth, efficient movements that are part of a sport skill or technique. Coordination would include things like balance, back-pedaling, and lateral movements. Developing coordination requires constant repetition of basic movements. The Coordination Exercises in the following video will challenge you. Your level of coordination influences how quickly you will learn more complex skills like dribbling a basketball or soccer ball, sprinting over hurdles on the track, or throwing a football on the run.

Coordination exercises are the foundation of the athletic continuum. It is like the concrete foundation for a new home. Your athletic ability will be built on the foundation of coordination.

Developing smooth movements is important for completing everyday tasks, but if you are an athlete, coordination will make the difference between winning or losing.  Coordination determines how quickly you can string together the movements and motor skills that make up a compound movement like running or skipping.  Once you learn how to speed up the learning process, you can master whatever athletic skill you desire.

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