Spend 80% of Your Time on The Top 4 Lacrosse Skills

Posted By on July 8, 2015


In the book, Perfect Practice, the author reminds us of the 80/20 Rule.  Basically it states that coaches should focus 80% of their practice time on the top 20% of the skills. So it stands to reason that we should focus on the most important skills and become GREAT at those skills. What would be the ideal 4 most important skills to teach your players? Let’s get started with these four and I’ll wait for your comments…


1.  Passing and catching on the move (not standing still); keeping your body between your stick and the defender (turning the correct way when catching.)


2.  Getting the ball off the ground while moving …scooping through the ball.


3.  Moving the ball; seeing the open player….offensively and defensively. This is field vision coupled with quick reaction to that vision.


4.  Footwork on defense, even before the first check is thrown.



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