A Bucket of Water Called Hope

Posted By on April 25, 2015


There was a lab rat study done in the 1950’s by a scientist named Curt Richter.

He took a bunch of rats and put them into a high-sided stainless steel bucket of water that they couldn’t escape from and timed how long it took for the rats to drown. It wasn’t long – an average of 15 minutes for the rats to give up, stop swimming, and drown.

He then repeated the experiment with a new group of rats and a new twist – in the second instance, he rescued the rats just before they had given up swimming, again, at around the 15 minute mark. He let them dry off, he fed them some food, allowed them to rest. And then he threw them back in the bucket of water. The amazing result was that these rats were then able to swim for up to 60 hours before giving up and drowning.   60 hours!

Big difference.

Curt Richter attributed the rat’s new found stamina and survival skills to “hope.” He believed this demonstrated the miraculous achievements possible as long as one has hope.
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