10 Plyometric Coordination Drills

Posted By on November 30, 2016

The following video, 10 Plyometric Coordination Drills, comes from the Athletic Continuum eBook. The 5 step continuum is a Powerful way to understand how athletes learn to become athletes. As you well know, athleticism is the ultimate difference maker when it comes to success on the field, pool or court. The athlete (or team) with the greatest coordination, speed, power, and ability to execute is going to have a huge advantage over their competition.

What is The Athletic Continuum®?

Think of the athletic continuum is a mixture of five ingredients that make up someone’s ‘Athletic Ability.’  It’s like a cake recipe, if you leave out an ingredient, the final product won’t taste how it was designed.


The video below, 10 Plyometric Coordination Drills, begins to build a base of coordination that many athletes are lacking.  For example, if you are a coach, watch your athletes attempt drill #10 (Knee high rhythm skip). You’ll instantly see how your athletes perform (and can be quite funny too).  What’s even more fun is to watch your athletes improve over a 3 week span of time (assuming they practice the drill daily). You will instantly become a believer in how each of these steps can be learned!

While it’s true that some people are born with a disposition to excel in sports, the athletic continuum is something that can be learned by ANY athlete. It is progression of movements and skills that can be mastered through repetition.

You may currently be an outstanding athlete, but it doesn’t mean you no longer need to work on your COORDINATION and TECHNIQUE. In fact, the world’s best athletes, the real professionals, continue to master their craft daily with exercises in the first of step of the continuum. In other words, while there is an ‘order’ to progress through the continuum, there is also a constant connection between all five ingredients.

Watch another video on coordination.

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